237Showbiz is the Trend Guru .We Discover , We Buzz ,We Share .
We are one of the Most Professional Entertainment Powerhouses which delivers Trending and Spanking new Cameroonian music content (Rap, RnB,Makossa,Dancehall,Bikutsi etc) daily to Cameroonians and also by exposing outstanding Artists from the fast growing Camerooonian Music industry to the World.

237Showbiz was founded in 2015 and is gradually heading to the top spot in the Entertainment Business. Despite being a growing Entertainment powerhouse 237Showbiz is already gladly cermenting its place as one of the Best Cameroonian entertainment platform and their aim is to spread Cameroonian Music around the world.

Specifically this Media Platform is used to promote and deliver Cameroonian Music unique to Cameroonians in and outside of the country.

We offer a platform where music lovers around the globe can stream, get updated on a daiily basis the latest and hottest tracks in the industry and also a possibility of dropping comments about the respective Artists which can go a long way to improve the outcome in their future releases.  Our music content is accessible at any time to all audiences around the globe and is well integrated optimized and can be used easily on all devices(Phone,tablet,labtop,pc…etc). That not withstanding Artists find the comment section an active area to get feedback about their releases. In addition to promoting Artist’s we also organize Concerts, grant interviews to Artist’s and also Provide Management.


Our head office is at Carrefour Nlongkak Yaoundé, Cameroon