“I’ve Never Benefited From Any ‘Hold Hands Movement’ Or ‘Support Your Own’ I’ve Always Done It All By Myself” Singer SMELO Reveals”

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Interview: “No Cameroonian Artiste Is Yet Fully Established And So There Is This Silent Competition And Insecurities” Seta Beatz Speaks Out!

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« Nigerian Men Love Our Women Therefore They Should Love Our Cameroonian Songs And Play Them” MC Charlene Agrees!

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Exclusive Interview: « Entertainment Doesn’t Seem To Go Smoothly With Albinism » Cameroonian Singer Don ChaeuLe Testifies!

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Interview: ”We Sent The Beats To Mr. Leo… He Composed and Recorded ‘Shayo’ On The Spot!” Ch!njong x Ch!njong Reveals!

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Interview: Geraldrico Guevara – While Some Artistes Are Happy With Our 50% Cut In Shooting Music Videos Others Still Complain.

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Interview: Being at New Bell Music was the darkest period of my life. I would say they stole my shine. Tilla reveals

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