LegaciCla6′s FrontLine Artist, Singer-songwriter & Producer Abz NGITOLANG edifices a lyrical masterpiece constructed towards ‛edutaining’ [educating/entertaining] the World on engaging into flawless relationships. In this Afrobeat masterpiece which he dubs “TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE YOU”, Abz gives his partner his words of everlasting & painless love if she teaches him just how she’d wanna be loved & treated, hence, the importance of partners to teach each other how to love themselves so there would exist little or no problems as they go about their love life.

Alternating between English language, Pidgin, French, his native ‛YAMBA’ & with an additional Rap blend, “TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE YOU” stands out itself as its captivating chords, unique style & powerful lyrics get every audience wanting the song on a replay. It is therefore that song you won’t wanna leave out of your playlist especially during this festive season. Always teach your partner how to love you rightly so together, we can all live in a lovely & flawless World. Song was produced, mixed and mastered by Abztrumental.


Enjoy and leave your comments behind.