Apparently, Jovi fans are the happiest of fans since the start of 2018. This period seems to be an entertaining season for them as their favorite artiste has been dropping singles more than any other artiste since the start of this year. In another wavy piece he titles Ndolé, Jovi as usual brings in two verses of the multilingual flow and a rich instrumental to go with it. The kicks will want you putting it on replay.

Some of the lines of the song goes thus :

Masa Lef Me That Tori
You Don Consommé Produite
Time For Give Me My Money
Men Them Move Me Na Dockie
Man No First Like He Ndorty
All My Chap Them Get Big Bobby
We Dey For Tata Pelagie
L’entrée C’est Toujours Gratuite

Les Gens Disent Qu’ils Sont Quitté Le Rap
C’est Le Rap Qui Vous À Quitté
Tout Vos Flows C’est Du Copié Coller
Sois C’est Prêté Ou Démodé
Quand Quelque Chose Ta Dépassé
Faut Pas Avoir Honte De Laisse”

Well what are you waiting for? Step on that Download button and have a listen. Don’t forget to share.

Victor Kange