Kammani born and raised in Bamenda has now earned a local reputation by blending classic with an afro vibe. HUMBLE is Kammani’s first ever single. Release through Strawberry Entertainment. The track contains a beautiful afro vibe with a blend of a classic style.

Never afraid to keep his writing 100% authentic, HUMBLE came about few months after Kammani’s break up with his girl friend when he decided to address her ego and added a little fun twist called the Mukweleh Dance .

Recorded in the Strawberry Studio with MrMcCoy the producer and coproduced by Kammani himself, the style ranges from and explosive afro instrumental with a classic seasoning of strings, drums and snares that will blow your mind and won’t let you stay sitted in your cbair.

“Writing this song was my way of moving on in a cool way. It was not all a sad story” , Kammani says. ‘I may be a bad man till I die but I swear girl I go try, for you I no go lie. Chemistry flowing in our eyes the bluetooth dae connect oh, so just come and hold my hand, and then we go one two…. and then dance dance the mukwele dance.”- lyric extract from Kammani’s piece of art.

Kammani has released one cover title Sing My Name by Ghanaian musician MzVee and Nigerians very own Patoranking. Shortly after, he released his very first single HUMBLE on November 18th 2018.

He has worked with the great producer and artist names of Bamenda,including Mr McCoy. In 2016 Kammani joined Strawberry Entertainment who in turn is managed by Xenith Inc., and he now has numerous single in the pipe line as well as collaborations with his fellow studio artist, Hilton Draze, KG Gold and Big Lii.

Taking on a career in music, Kammai specifically choose Strawberry Entertainment amongst numerous labels for reasons that he shared a special bond with the peculiar and new feel to music that they created together. The new single is more than a potential hit from the other side of the globe to Cameroon. HUMBLE is not just an emotion but a message not only for ladies or people in a breaking relationship but to guys too and every other person that listens to this piece of art. It is the beginning of a revolution to Cameroon’s Afro music. A new Chapter.

Kammani’s social media handles are:

Facebook – Kammani Daystar

Instagram – Kammani Official

Snapchat – Kdaystar