The projection of the African Woman as the pride of Africa & as a figure of exemplariness, reaches its peak with the song “AFRICA MAMA” by Cameroonian-US based Artiste; YANGI.
The Afrobeat tune with a feel of ‘Ndombolo’ which many have already described as an African Anthem, celebrates in its entirety the bravery & courageousness of the African Woman, keynoting her love & sacrifices which are comparable to none (‘MAMA you sweet pass money’)  & which are assured at all times (“Ton Amour Mama, c’est Toujours”).
Spurred by the love for his mother, a woman the Artiste only gets to see for the first time when he clocked 20years causes YANGI to delve into the core of his spirit to find the appropriate words that best describe his feelings for his mother, the African Woman whom he refers to as ‘Mama Africa’.
The relevance of a song which many are describing as the rebirth of the 1976 Prince Nico Mbarga’s ‘Sweet Mother’ cannot be over emphasized. How better can one tell the world his own life story & praise the beauty of the African Woman, if not through carefully selected words put in a well-crafted piece like “Africa Mama”? 
The song gets a composition in English language with a French & ‘Lingala’ blend. Let’s celebrate MAMA Africa, the African woman who is Africa’s most unique & unbeatable PRIDE with the song “AFRICA MAMA”!
Song was produced by OY Productions, Recorded in Maryland-USA & Mixed/Mastered in Lagos – Nigeria.