After dropping his 25 track album, Cameroonian rapper and producer DeeCy releases yet another single titled ”If Na Sabi”. The instrumentals with some sampling of one of Magic System’s biggest hits ”Gaou” produced by Mr. Music is accompanied with some lyrics which will get you thinking.

DeeCy explains that if not of him, there’ll be no rappers in Cameroon. Also he says he dropped 25 songs which was above some bloggers to blog! Notwithstanding, got it covered.

Deecy calls some Cameroonian rappers “Bikutsi trappers and Mon ami Rappers“!!  GHEEZ THE NERVE !!!

He goes as far as saying that if any rapper feels offended about his words, they should clap back! Enough said, download, listen and if you have what it takes, clap back. Good luck!

Victor Kange