HKN Super star Davido is currently on his 30 Billion Africa Tour and Saturday March 17th was the turn of Cameroon to witness the Hitmaker in Douala at the Club Camtel de Bepanda.

The Mega Hit maker  who had an amazing 2017 Career year, after shutting down Rwanda, made sure he spent atleast one hear with his fans, performing all of his big songs such as Fall, Skelewu, Aye, Fia, If..etc

Fans could be seen screaming very loud, with support performances from Cameroonian Super stars such as Stanley Enow, Boy Tag, Tzy Panchak, Awu, Nabila , Dynastie , Obaker, Duc-z  which the crowd was definitely feeling after they performed their various songs.

The energy which Boy Tag, Stanley Enow , and Tzy Panchak exhibited on stage is enough proof that the public was deinitely feeling the home based acts. Davido  also on his hand, eventhough almost getting his hand cut my a drone….made the whole place feel as if a Skelewu earthquake just hit CameroonThe Night was a success as more than 5000 people came out to support Davido and also our home based acts who were to perform at the show. This event was  proudly sponsored by Sony Music Entertainment Cote D’ivoire and IconprodAfrica and it’s the first time Local promoters are taking part in the promotion of a major artist of this magnitude in Africa. Kudos to IconProdAfrica & Sony Music Entertainment Cote D’ivoire  for the Organization.

See pictures below and let us know what you think happened in Douala last night… #IconProdAfrica #SonyMusicCiv #30BillionAfricanTour