Artists in the diaspora have been showing enormous support almost on a daily basis to Home based artist, but i must say that home based artists have not been showing any support to the artists in the Diaspora. In a bid to find a solution to this Problem, we decided to create a DiasporaCorner that will help Show massive support to  artists in the Diaspora in a bid to give  them equal attention as artists back home.
The first guy on the DiasporaCorner Hype Schedule is  none other than  Prince P Aka Prince Charming. Prince P  is a dynamic multi talented Cameroonian born USA based Upcoming Artist. Prince P started off his career way back while he was in cameroon and was a member of  the village (Okoa Maria) Choir at his church. His grandmother  registered him and a few other family members in the choir. From then onwards the ambitious act to watch out for, fell  in Love with music. After arriving the USA in 2003, music was not a serious thing to him, but as he grew bigger with time  the talent kept growing as well. As time passed by he Joined his high school Choir (Franklin Central High School)  which led to a great evolution and influenced his now very serious music career.  Prince P later attended College and dismissed music for a while to focus more on studies. At his early years of College, Prince P AKA the ladies favorite met a few Gentlemen from Nigeria who came to study in the United States. They reintroduced him to music, and  since then, he has been In  love with the microphone, married the studio and has been making mad love to sick beats with his incredible lyrics.
 Prince P’s Motivation in life and Musical career is his background and the life he came from. The difficulties he surpassed and the great people he has met so far. To put it on the dot, “My fans are my motivation in my Musical Career.” he reveales.
 Prince P admires artists in the likes of Longue Longue, Eboa Lotin, Ben Deca and many more.  
As a growing Pop star and with a drive to become one of Cameroon’s leading singers, Prince P didnt relent his effort on spilling his discontentment with certain issues.  he had this to say ” As a Music Artists  Promotion is a big headache to me, Cameroon is extremely big that we could get all artist known in many ways and  some artists who are already known  tend to be a little selfish and only promote each other and not help the uprising.”.
Enjoy Prince’s Musical Catalog below:




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