After the release of song of the year candidate “Caleé”, Daphne is continuing her love escapade with   “Jusqu’à la Gare” following after the release of Promets Moi

Daphne’s partnership with Apha Better’s production house is proving to be one made in music heaven. On “Jusqu’à la Gare”, Daphne teamed up with superstar producer Salatiel to bring us what is sure to be a big record. Daphne opens by declaring “Baby Boy your love is killing me…the way that you loving me…my baby am sure I can tell you are the one for me…” if  you think of “Caleé” as  Daphne meeting this guy she is fixated on and “Promet Moi” as  her declaring that he is the love of her life  (T’est l’amour de ma life, baby you’re my lover…), then “Jusqu’à la Gare” rounds it all up with her declaration that “le marriage/ndolo c’est jusqu’à la gare…”.

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Written by:

Emmanuel Mfon