After  his previous release titled “CUL TURE“, Cameroonain born artist LYLES is back again with another song, this one he titles “PARK FINE” A common slang in Cameroon, whc means “Be Careful What U Say or Do” Written By LYLES , this shows how much the  the talented act based in the diaspora has his country at heart. Produced by OVADOZ and Engineered by MAFY, The Song “PARK FINE” is not just a dance track, but conveys a very strong message. LYLES also features Scot T-Boy, an upcoming Urban artist  based based in Cameroon. The two used to be a group act, but even after deciding on solo carriers, they ‘re still the closest of friends and are in full support of the hold hands movement to see Cameroon on a recognizable place on the map. While you enjoy this amazing song, you can keep up with L YLES and see what the artist is up to through the various platforms
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