Riflex drops his new single titled Ali produced by Magnom.  Listen and Download below.

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lyrics + literal translations
My pady mehn den dey for kwat they no fit find work (my homeboys roam the streets coz they can’t find a job)
Other mehn dem check say life na only play play (other dudes think life is but a game)
Man di hustle sotehhhh only for five bucks (I been hustling for long still can’t find a job)
Masa the ngeme bad papi way no dey (I’m so broke it’s like there isn’t a means)
It’s early enough
So I strap my shoes
Hear the crowd cheering me up
And that’s my cue
So so forward can’t get stuck
And thats the rule
Whole village raise me up
Aint raise no fool
I di climb no for okada (I travel with motorbikes)
Grind na for my momma (grind for my mom)
Ain’t with the drama
Listen I’m pushing for more commas
This one na last fight (this is the final scene)
Me I be chef bandit (I’m playing the villain)
The music is mad tight
I’ll make sure they member me
And I won’t hold or bite my tongue like I don’t like how it taste
My under belle must comot and I go tok am for ya face (I’m gon speak my mind and I’ll say it to your face)
Still it’s all about the cross tell the Devil give me space
Coz I been fighting with my sins since the LORD showed me grace
One blow down
Two more rounds
And behold angels came on down and ministered to Him
It soon goes down
Choose yours now
I’m in heaven hear the choir with that Holy Holy Holy hymn
I travel in Godspeed
It’s faith on my feet
The gospel in my speech
And pagans don’t like this
Tell them I won’t quit
Forgiven of my guilt
The Kingdoms is what i built
You know it man I’m skilled
Fine boy no pimple
Whether dem go up and down me i must to sing my song (I don’t care what critiques say I’m gon record these songs)
Fine girl two dimple
Momma tell that other mama den say God don bless ya son (hey momma? tell your colleagues God has blessed your son)
I’m the rapper that needs a mic way more than a stylist
Kick a beat ill speak my piece never with the violence
The music pure and its good I’m baffled they don’t like this
But who cares, gave my all, and I’m happy reason why I’m smiling.