Fresh off releasing his debut album, Afeseh, the Afro-Trap rapper RifleX wastes no time and heads back in the booth to  deliver a smooth new tune.  What Went Wrong is a cover to Alpha Better Records Qu’est Qui n’a pas marche produced by Big Joe and Salatiel. Listen and download below.
Tryna please a girl almost drove me crazy
Bout to killed my vibe and your boy wavy
And i ain’t writing this here to be shady
Life comes with Ws, Ls, and a maybe
Make i tell you bout this bad belle chap
Ting dem be di sweet time weh man be just di chat
The nga di Mimbayeur like that song Blanche (@isblanchebailly) sings
Attends, je te langwa l’histoire mais je ne suis pas Mink’s (@minksofficiel)

Pre hook:
Dis kind love fit to burst my brain
But e sweet pass sugar cane
Girl you know i’m Able i no be Cain
Lean on me like a be cane
The matter drive me crazy i’m going insane
Tryna figure out now what went wrong
Said the matter drive me crazy i’m going insane
Je demande que’est qui na pas marche

Man go di bolo
Just di grind
Man di suffer
Man di hustle
But this chap dem for this outside no di spear
(que’est qui na pas marche?)
Oh boy just take pady man i di tell you make you fear

See the way she di act now e di high high
Conversations all choppy like a bad wifi
She don’t stop in my town she just fly by
She ain’t new to it you can tell from the last guy
Na the very chap this weh be tell me say e love me
Na the very chap this weh i be give e all my money
We can up from the first grade from up to form three
Now e head don shake e di high up just di form e