SNAZZY SHIKENA was born and named Ntewa  Maxcel  N. Born in a family of seven by a bambili father and a misaje mother, Snazzy being the sixth child, grew up as an active and intelligent child. He was always involved in sociable and entertaining activities like football, dancing, singing etc.

He says most of his problems faced in life came as a result of his engagement with music but he still believes his greatest  achievement will be from music. He is a young man who is very simple in real life but very positive and optimistic. His intension is to use his music to educate and encourage people to strife for a better tomorrow. He thus, calls talented young boys and girls  to come together so they can build a one and indivisible bond to better the country, continent and planet as a whole. Yes we can; with God everything is possible. If u know who u are(where u coming from,) you will probably know what you want(where  u are going.)

Snazzy whose engagement into music is clear to be God’s call, has a lot to boast of as far as the growth of the music industry is concerned. Though very young, he has been able to impact and initiate at least 5 artist that are out there representing the country. His record as a music maker and performer is still what most of his fans find unbeatable.

Although he faced a lot of difficulties due to lack of guidance, he managed to keep a positive record though dealing directly with the streets.

In  2011 an album of 15 tracks tittled ALL WEATHER was done. Due due to lack of finance and sponsorship, he decided to release it as an  EP and LP making it easier for him to raise money from the EP to better propel the LP.

He named it ALL WEATHER – The Announcement and  ALL WEATHER – The Blow respectively. Snazzy later took a break in music after trying to best establish himself in the industry although he was not that famous. He was happy he created a good relationship with the industry and thus considered himself successful. He took this decision to be off the scene to better brand himself after making a couple of mistakes, being mediocre, and having the desire to do better.

Although he released a couple of singles after his decision to rebrand himself, his unreleased LP, ALL WEATHER – The Blow still stands to be released someday. His branding has been the changing his name from Snazzy Snobber to Snazzy Shikena, changing his look from platting to dreadlocks and also having a better understanding and mastering of his arts. Unlike Mboko that was portrayed by Lapiro, Franc- Anglais being mastered by Koppo, Pidgin being used by a good number of artist out there, Snazzy is here with a new vibe called VATAL. It is not just a vernacular but a style, vibe and new flow he is introducing in the Music industry.

VATAL is an abbreviation : Vernacular Adaptable To Any Language. Just like the name, it’s like a vital musical instrument that can fit in any music. It has been tested and proven.VATAL is  Snazzy’s  deepest research in Music. As of now, it’s not just a vernacular but a new style, vibe and flow. VATAL is a movement. It’s the new ish

Enjoy , Download and share your thoughts below.

Soundcloud : Snazzy Here

Facebook: Snazzy Shikena.


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