Last week the Cameroonian community in the USA Lost a very hard working entrepreneur, a loved one and a brother by the name of   Donald DonPrince.  Donald was    the CEO of Khati Khati International, LTD. A flourishing food  business that had been going on for a while now with a lot of clients around the USA owned by the  hardworking gentleman. He was known by Many Cameroonians in the USA for this Khati Khati business, his good connection with his clients and his kind heart.

Donald was a big supporter and promoter of Cameroonian Entertainment. Many Cameroonian artists who visited the United states always stopped at his place immediately after dropping from the airport.

Panchak  due to mad love for this HERO, decided to pay tribute to this amazing Gentleman who is now resting in peace in this new song Celebrating the life of Donald Ndong titled Gone too soon . Download and listen to this tribute produced by Master Yen and Yan Dollar below.


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