Today, LUX Global releases an Official Statement on  behalf of it’s client, Respected Video Director, Dr. Nkeng Stephens, in regards to the recent ‘Arrest’ incident.
Dr. Nkeng Stephens was hired to do a job for the Artiste Sergeo Polo. The latter was unhappy with how long it was taking to make said video. This resulted in Sergeo Polo making numerous phone calls to Dr. Nkeng Stephens, which eventually turned to threats.
During a recent Celebrity Football match, police arrived and took Dr. Nkeng Stephens in for questioning. Sergio Polo was already at the Police Station when they arrived. Some of Dr. Nkeng Stephens’ friends followed him to the station for moral support. Dr. Nkeng Stephens was questioned thoroughly.
He was, however, not Arrested nor Detained. Dr Nkeng Stephens would like to thank the Bloggers who reached out to verify details, before creating a post about this incident. He thanks the well-wishers who were concerned about him. He thanks those friends who followed him to the station. He wishes the best for the Artist Sergeo Polo.
Official Statement Prepared By:
DB Ndip
Company: LUX Global
Department: LUX Business Elites
On  behalf of Dr. Nkeng Stephens