Ndukong Godlove Nfor known as Jovi is arguably Cameroon’s most lyrical rapper,he is also a vibrant entrepreneur,song writer,sound engineer and record producer. This multi-talented artist has made himself a mystery among his contemporaries,he runs  New Bell Music with a policy of exclusion. Throughout the years he has branded himself as a self-content obstinate megalomaniac who does not care about anything or anybody and who does his thing only within his closed circle. This image he has portrayed has made him for a long time the subject of a lot of controversy and his seeming beef with MTV awards winner Stanley Enow did much to fuel the controversy. But today, things are no longer the same. In as much as Jovi still remains one of the  pillars of Cameroonian rap ,he no longer has as much presence in the mind of the public as before.

His record label New Bell Music which he runs like a family business seems to have “No external interactions ” as main rule. The artists of this label work only among themselves and their entire career limits itself to their label. At a time when the demand for Cameroonian music is fast increasing in the world and almost all artists are trying to expand their horizons and fan base Jovi and his acolytes seem to be the only ones lacking behind. Is it that going international counts for nothing in their eyes or is it just a big plot to surprise the public with something unexpected?Well,time will tell.

237Showbees do you think the Rapper Needs a Big Hit anytime soon? Rumor from the streets suggest the Rapper won’t be releasing the Video for Pimentcam.