One of Cameroon’s leading Pop star’s Locko went public early this morning  announcing that  his youtube’s account was pirated and his  Je serai La  video was deleted. Since after publishing this news, some fans seem not to buy his opinion. So we decided to dig deep in a bid to get to know what really happened.   Facebook user by the name of Jennee  Rinay wasnt convinced by what Locko had to say. This is what she wrote.

Another User by the name of Clari Benz Cla……Also made a very Valuable point about this Issue. …Hear her out.


After deliberating on both points, Locko’s Excuse  somehow looks Unclear.  Because if an account was pirated and a Video was deleted, you can actually appeal to youtube and they are going to find a solution to your problem. But it seems like they didnt appeal,  and decided to go public with  just a very flimsy excuse. Today a new video has been uploaded for the same song on his youtube channel, Hence leaving critics with just one Option and Question… DID LOCKO BUY FAKE VIEWS THAT BRIDGED YOUTUBE’S POLICIES?.

If  no, then why would a hacker/pirator get into your account and delete just one video? when there are more videos on the channel to cause more damage on. And also why will he delete only the Most recent one?

I will love to know what you think about this Critical Issue, because Buying FAKE Views seems to be the new thing Many artists are using to try to speed up their shine. Kindly share with me what you think in the comment section below.

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