ARREY got featured on a “Vreezy Ville” single “Jakiri” before he released his first single off the label “Main Musik” titled ‘Love won’t take much time’ featuring “Tzy Panchak” of Best Music – Now BLUNATION late 2015, then he turned it up a notch with the video for the SMASH HIT “Low Waist” under the record label “Main Musik” earlier in 2016. His fans can only anticipate the best as he winds into a befitting musical future.

Currently independent, the artist is under career management at Eleven Thirty Music Entertainment where he serves the 2014 compilation / album ON POINT. The 10 track album features classics such as Breath, Money Dey, Money On Ma Mind, and Super Réme which portray the uniqueness of his feel in his manner of approaching music genres.  Listen and download this masterpiece below.

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