Hello 237Showbees, its another Thursday and we have no choice but to bring to you another music review. So last week, we did a review of another Jovi song and asked you guys which other song review you’d love to read next. Well majority of the requests pointed to this song and its more interesting to do song reviews for songs with hidden messages. While avoiding verbosity, let’s go straight into the business.

First and foremost, what is Pimentcam?
We all know Piment is French word for pepper and Cam is a suffix that’s added to names of government owned companies in Cameroon, e.g Cimentcam, Chococam Nosucam etc.

Although piment means pepper, in this context it stands for ”sex” so with the ”cam” added behind, it explains a prostitution company in Cameroon.

Starting with the chorus, Jovi explains the cry of prostitutes who are pleading on the government to hear their cry as they actually sell their bodies to feed themselves. He goes to say that prostitution is also a job and should be legalized. That’s why you hear the lines;

“Monsieur le presi je suis vendeuse de gésier
Je vend le gésier pour m’acheter les beignets
Vendeuse de piment c’est aussi un métier
Le piment que tu vois l’a aussi son marché”

Jovi goes ahead to explain to us the lifestyle of these prostitutes. Apparently he’s their mouth piece.

According to him, prostitution has changed the lives of so many prostitutes as the living standards of some have changed Some are lucky to catch foreign customers. He goes ahead to say,

Une fille qui dormait sur le caniveau, la voila qui change les euros”

Jovi goes as far as exposinc the location of these prostitutes most especially the ones from the capital city Yaoundé (Mini Ferme) who are always ready to sell their bodies at 1000F.

In the second verse, Jovi explains that in the festive periods like in the New Year, Christmas there’s a fall in the price of sex according to these prostitutes because they tend to be more than available in such times. In other words, He emphasises on that period of the year when shallow prostitute have more activity than peak of their activities; which is the end of the year like that end of December to the beginning of January. At the point you will think it is a trade Fair of shallow prostitution, the price of their services will even come down because they want to make more money.

However, when their market is booming, sexual intercourse with their clients is always done in a rush. Most especially during these festive periods as they don’t waste time on a single customer. They are always ready to serve you anywhere, anyhow. Most of you who are faithful clients understand me better.

Pendant la fete de nouvelle an c’est comme s’il y a foiré de piment,
Le prix de la chose descendre
Quand il y a l’argent les choses se fait rapidement.

Les snacks et les bars cest le champ
Les cultivateurs de piment sil vous plaît mettez-vous en rend
Les talon et les robes molang
Comme les benguiste son dejq dedans fait d’abord passez les vendeuses de piment
L’os c’est pour ceux qui ont les dents

What’s Jovi saying here, according to these prostitutes whose crops is pepper (sex) their farms are snacks and night clubs, in many cases when the ”bushfallers” are in town, there’s always a high turn up of girls that’s why in some parties, you’ll see a notice saying the first 20 girls are free.

In such case, the girls that can ”resist” much longer should be meant for the men who are hard enough.

Furthermore jovi goes ahead and makes it clear that you are only respected by these prostitutes when you have money, as they don’t have feelings.
He turns around and is worried about how the men waste their money on girls and alcohol. Hence the lines

”Il y a les doughs on t’appelle president quand les doughs bolet les même gars te fischam
Les dough que t’as souffert pour dickam
Tout ca pour la jong et la mbinda”

From the chorus again Jovi gets into the last verse, what does he bring in this time?

Est ce que tas deja vu une vendeuse de piment traversé le désert?
Elle go la bas chercher qui?
Que les avions sont finissent
Le billet d’avion pour la Turquie, elle passe par Dubaï pour la Russie

Here Jovi says nowadays prostitutes don’t swim via Lybia or walk the deserts when they travel, they take business class flights instead. So they deserve some respect from the government..

Now here’s the funniest part of this pimentcam concept, why is it funny? I’ll tell you. This Pimentcam seller goes for a sex selling job and his client was a moslem, call it ”Hausa man or magida” we all know these guys are like really big ”down there” and by the time he slides in, the lady begged for him to remove it. Then the magida asks her if she wasn’t briefed on the size of his dick by the middleman

That’s why you hear lines like;

Magida pardon attend retire, bébé le choisir c’est le choisir, en venant içi on t’avais dire, que moi je vendais le spaghetti, pour c’est bonne faut que ça glisse, moi je parle des ways que je metrisse, elle me donne je fouetté le bêtise noir, blanche, chinois et métisse”

After all these, the prostitutes still want to be heard, they want to belong and avoid being harassed. They want to pay taxes as well and collaborate with the social insurance fund.

CNPS nous même on veulent cotisé

Well that was our review for this week, Jovi’s pimentcam. Do you think he’s promoting prostitution? Does the raps make sense? Tell us what you think.
We shall let Jovi off this week and move to another. Any suggestions to songs without a direct message will do. Hope you enjoyed it?

Victor Kange