Unshakable powerhouse  Alpha Better Records is at it again. While some of our artists are busy beefing online this Music Empire was busy visiting the Buea Central prison.  The Alpha Better Records team even had a free show for the prisoners and also had a soccer game with them.  Mr Leo  & team continues to do good works. Lately the team visited more than 5 orphanages with oil cans, spaghetti, bags of rice, bag of tomatoes, cubes, milk, eggs etc to support the needy.  Being an artist is one thing building a strong reputation with the needy and underprivileged is another. Alpha Better Records is giving back to the society as an act of good will. This is the first time a concert was held in the Buea prison they are making history .This is the reality, the truth, And as usual, they did not come empty-handed. The prisoners were happy, they had  joy on their faces, until some grown ups  were even crying. We hope to see more of our artists helping the community rather than beefing online. Hats off to the Alpha Better Team (, Askia, Blaise B, Salatiel & Mr  Leo  ). In the meantime relax while  listening to the studio vibe on their next single Quest qui na pas marcher here

Blaise B Mr leo2 Salatiel