All les day x2
Je chop le flakes (all les day)
Falla les flakes (All les day)

I can’t really pick out the words to this jam but I’m very convinced that from the on set, no one predicted it will be related to matters of the stomach.

The smart initiative by the All Les Day crooner alongside his team came like Santa Clause on a ”Contri Sunday” in other words, no one saw this coming.

The All Les Day flakes is one which will solve your breakfast worries and not just breakfast but for kids going back to boarding schools come September. Affordable, crunchy and yummy, the flakes eaten with a little warm water which cooks a little on the spot goes deliciously with milk. A pack goes for CFA2500 and this is just the best way to brand yourself and be outstanding.

All Les Day is available once you order via these numbers 678684388/ 698085149

I also heard it tastes better with the music playing as you eat along. Fear!

You can also get more info about the flakes on instagram

Victor Kange