I have been looking for opportunity to share my thoughts with you since my timeline isn’t wide enough. We have seen many Kamer artistes follow the trend of Jovi LeMonstre, Lapiro de Mbanga with a mixture or blend of more than five languages on a single track such as English as their main, Pidgin English as what most of them grew up with, a little bit of French so as to touch the French Speaking ears as well, then the Vernacular and the Mboko. Now, is it possible for an artistes in Kamer to start a career by singing only in English and make it to the top? Although Blu nation’s very talented singer Tzy Panchak started with Pidgin English and English itself, he somehow criticized other artistes for letting the French become the most used language in their music whereas he began using the language lately as we hear a few lines in his songs. Truth is, Kamer music has been paved and polished and the fans brainwashed with a solo style of delivery so most fans expect songs to come with a blend of these languages.

Also, it seems if Kamer artistes do not mix these languages, they can’t get nominations on the international scene. That’s part of “blowing” right? Hell yeah. We just saw Daphne getting a spot at the AFRIMMA awards for Best Francophone, same with Jovi in 2014 for Best Francophone at the “MTV Awards”.

Well this packaging and delivery seems to be paying off lately, we just have to keep supporting our very own. Notwithstanding, Kamer music lovers will love to see an English speaking artist break the seen with English lyrics. Just like the Tenors, Frankos and Maahlox have done in French. Thanks for reading, Kindly share your opinion about this issue in the comment section below.

Victor Kange