Cameroonian singer Daphné, author of the famous song “calée” currently playing all over the Continent, was recently in Abidjan for a concert. But the artist lived one of the saddest adventures of her young career according to Popular ivorian site Abidjanshow. She only saw fire in front of the promoter who brought her to Abidjan.

Her  concert was scheduled for the 12th of August at the Ivoire Golf Club, Abidjan. Tickets for sale were set at 5,000 F and 10,000 F CFA. The artist arrived a few days before the show and a conference was even organized. But only few major media had been invited. On the day of the show,  it was a total flop at the  Ivory Golf Club. It was a total fiasco. Has the site been rented and paid for? One could not even  tell. The promoter who really did not communicate on his show, finally trimbled the young star in an adventure that she will not soon forget.

An artist who won the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in the United States and the prize for Best Female Artist of Central Africa in front of the divas Charlotte Dipanda and Reniss in 2016, is conducted in the small neighborhood area “Angré Plage “Located at Cocody Angré, to deliver the concert for which she was moved to Abidjan. Sad enough,  it was the reality lived by Daphne who was nevertheless, stuck in total disarray. There again, Daphne was disillusioned because despite all the sacrifice she has consented to make this event a success it didnt turn out well. You could count the number of people present at the show. Daphne would have delivered a performance  in a bar in Yopougon. Disappointed and disillusioned by this promoter, Daphne will not soon forget this adventure in Abidjan.

I wish her the best in her  Career! Anticipate a double release this friday from the super star.  Promet Moi Jusqu’a la gare  will soon be yours.

Written by:

Emmanuel Mfon