Ivette Enjema known to the public as Montess took home the 2017 Best Central African Female artist award at AFRIMA Awards, this award created a lot of controversy and buzz in such a short time.

Being the best in Central Africa as perceived by this award, fans were agitated and seemed like they wanted to hear more of her .

But in what way did this award impact her career? Many people were in awe when she was announced as the winner of the said award and somebody i know even called it the greatest controversy in recent times ,and he had points to back-up his claim.

First some people got to hear of Montess at that Award ceremony, she cannot be quoted as a major player in the Cameroonian Music Industry as her other colleagues such as Daphne, Reniss, Blanche bailly  and the others but yet we saw her take home a trophy as best in Central Africa, this clearly had to raise some eyebrows. Also , her only track that could be compared to an established song was “DJ play my song” in collaboration with Stanley Enow .

But nonetheless, she was given the award and she received it with a lot of gratitude and joy “Nobi all day wey man di receive award for AFRIMA”.So she has the award ,we will normally expect her to come around to defending it ,and in answer to this expectation by the public she dropped “Ma boii” earlier this year which is a love song where she confesses her liking for a certain boy. Surprisingly or not this song hasn’t had much success, if it has gotten any at all. And so many fans have largely criticized this track, while others say they are not even surprised as she did not even deserve the award in the first place. While some people show open disappointment in her delivery so far, others think too much is being expected from .Some think she is too underrated and also think that award dealt a very blow to her career, as she is still a growing artists who has yet to conquer the hearts of the public. All the same, Montess now has a role to play in the industry as according to official ratings she is still Central Africa’s best female artist and so it is her duty to represent the entire Sub-Region and she will definitely not be able to do that with the poor ratings she is getting from fans .Maybe,it is time for her to do some auto-analysis and put in more work than she is doing now, she surely has something good to offer and we are still waiting for it .

Written By:

Emmanuel Asafor