Bine Moukouri is a Final Year student in the University of Buea. He is also a Music Producer and Digital artist for Thee 808 Nation team, headed by his longtime friend Edi Ledrae. He has been active in the entertainment business as a graphic designer but out of love for EDM (Electronic Dance music) and curiosity for the musical genre, though inactive as a producer and produced beats for fun, he took it up seriously in March 2015 when He joined Thee 808 Nation team with his quasi-unique EDM style which is almost virgin in the #237MusicIndustry. As the team’s graphic designer, Bine is also responsible for all visual arts that leave the team’s shelves, be it cover arts or promotional material.

Metta is an ethnic group in the North West Region of Cameroon; So Ba’Metta is a way of referring to the Metta people. As such The Ba’Metta Party song recounts how the Metta people (where Smarty Le’Drae is from) celebrate their culture. “Ba’Metta Party” was produced to be a hybrid sound; a fusion of Electro House, Dubstep and the Cameroonian Traditional dance from the North West called Njang. The preferred and least exploited sound for his debut was the Njang since Makossa and Bikutsi (besides hip-hop) were more celebrated music genres in the country, Bine Moukouri says.

Featured on the song is Dream Records artist Smarty Le’Drae who is also one of the lead vocalists of The 808 Nation Team. He provided his vocal contribution and style using lyrics which were originally written by N.A.T, a prolific singer/vocalist and song writer from Bamenda. The “Ba’Metta Party” song could be aptly described as a successful team effort and the song was Mixed/Mastered by Mr.808 himself – Edi Ledrae. “Ba’Metta Party” is one of a thousand projects Bine Moukouri has in store for the masses that would be leaving Thee 808 Nation shelves come 2017.

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