Since his debut single ‘E Go Better‘. Cameroon’s soul/afro singing sensation Mr. Leo has blessed music lovers worldwide with six successful hit singles, an EP and has performed on mega stages in and out of Africa including the highly rated; OneAfrica Music festival and now the highly acclaimed vocalist of the prestigious music record label Alpha Better Records is set to release his eagerly awaited debut studio album ‘Love original‘ on the 17th of November 2017.

The thirteen song album introduces fans/the world to five new songs including the album song cover ‘love original‘.The album is produced by Alpha Better Records and the songs produced and mastered by Salatiel and Blaise B.

Love Original is Mr. Leo‘s first studio album which contains a beautiful and honest collection of songs straight from the artist’s heart, celebrating love from every angle (God, people and the woman).
The album will be available for sales online streaming platforms (ITunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal and on mainstream retail outlets).


Love Original is about love from 360degrees. lt basically is celebrating love from every angle; each song connects to the next to tell a beautiful love story with a touch of reality. From ‘Hallelujah‘, i am thanking God for making this entire big dream (my successful career – so far) possible.

From ‘E go Better‘, ‘On va Gerer‘, ‘Femme‘to ‘C’est faux‘ i  appreciate the woman. She is special, she is wonderful, and she is caring. lt is necessary to remind her that you will be there from the beginning to the end.

like the melody and words in Jamais Jamais‘ it is a way of singing the feeling ‘standby me and things will be better’. Always tell a woman what makes her special ‘Je T’aime‘.

Every couple has good and bad days so the ‘Kemayo’ story brings an image of true love. A woman goes down on her knees to pray to God to restore her limping relationship.
1 n love we make mistakes sometimes and when one commits  errors it is descent to apologize, so we say ‘Desole!.

L0ve Original is all the faces of love.  lt is natural, it is beautiful, it forgiving, and it is uplifting. lt is just Love Original. This is an album you definitely need to make way for. Save the date 17th of November.