The 12th of November 2017 witnessed another exciting edition of the All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) In Nigeria. With Cameroon winning in categories such as Best Male Central Africa and Best Female Central Africa. Camer nominees under these categories were able to bring home the awards. Locko for Best Male and Montess aka Queen Kong for best female (Central Africa)

Many fans, critics and music lovers seem to be comfortable with LOCKO’S win and disappointed not with the fact that Montess won, but that she possibly couldn’t have beaten the likes of RENISS and DAPHNE to it if the votes were fair. Fans have been going crazy on social media (Facebook precisely) about this whole issue.

Well, according to some fans, the losers didn’t put enough efforts to succeed compared to the way Montess rode her way to victory. Other artistes like Salatiel think the award show is a mess and seem to have fishy deals behind the scene. Some see the award as a gift. I believe we have a growing industry and we should be glad the award still made it’s way into the country. Thus if Montess wins, its Cameroon that wins.

If you think otherwise, let us know about it. The comment section is yours..

– Victor Kange