Cameroonian singer FHISH just released his debut EP titled I’M Cameroon bringing together a blend of Cameroonian sounds that will make you pay attention to his name henceforth. His first body of work titled “I’m Cameroon” Consists of 5 Tracks  (Danse Comca, Kak-Kak, Njoh, Patience & Boredom).  The EP  features music legend Longue Longue on Njoh on which the  video from the studio sessionalready went viral on Social media. The EP also brings together some of Cameroon’s finest Produces such as Dijay Karl, Abztrumental,  Master Roboster & Chinjong X Chinjong.


On “I’M Cameroon” by  FHISH,  the singer explores his versatility as he introduces a new Dance-able Afro Vibe on Songs like Njoh, Kak-Kak and Danse Comca that’s Unique and original. The EP based on press release was out on May 11th 2020, But only made it to Online Music Platforms for streaming and Sales Days later. Below is the full EP on Audomack. Enjoy and leave a comment behind.