On behalf of Vanilla Tunes, MCMG announces to the general public, home and abroad, that Holi Week; The EP, by Young Holiday is scheduled for release on November 20th, 2017.
Holi Week; The EP, is a musical tale baked with metaphors of the simplest but finest quality to narrate the struggle encountered by upcoming artists in the 237 music industry. The seven (7) track EP is unlike anything ever heard in Cameroon and Africa at large. In this piece, The Holi One, takes the stance of the rap messiah as he vows to bring rap music back to what it used to be.

August 29th
Hail The king ft DIH & ABZed
Last Supper ft Ghetto Prince
Judah ft ABZed
Worth Living
Crucifixion ft BB Prince and Zita Light
Resurrection ft Gwanman, Benny Clancy
Rich in lyrical content and versatile in genre, this EP takes us through the traditional hard-core rap, galvanized with heavyweight punchlines and the legendary North Western flare.

Worry not Holi Week The EP will soon be yours.