Big Dreams Ent. Rapper Ko-C has been the latest Person of interest, after he used a certain ring called the Esmeralda ring in his latest Video Bollo C’est Bollo.  The young versatile rapper who released his latest music Video on October 14th had him using an Esmeralda ring similar to that of his label Mate Locko.

The Esmeralda ring has had fans raising  Superstition concerns  lately.  And with the constant increase with the number of artists using the special ring, Many fans are beginning to atribute it to some cult/superstition amoungst Cameroonian Urban artists. The Ring has been used by  Urban acts such as Locko, Tenor, and now Ko-C joins the Clan of the Magic ring.


Is this an ordinary ring? or do you think it’s a new source of ngambeh/bolloh for Camer urban acts? Kindly leave your comment bellow.


Download: Bollo C’est Bollo Here