LetsTalk  is a short series that will analyze Pertinent issues/ or topics that will require a discuss/ opinion from readers that will be featured on 237showbiz.com. Dear readers you are all welcome to suggest interesting topics to be featured on this platform or participate in our handpicked topics. i actually do not want to make this complicated  so let me spare you some reading time and go straight to the point. A lot of artist turn to use the name HIT in press releases or on social media when sharing newly released songs,  even if the song is not recognized by majority of music lovers. Hold on a minute! there is a difference between calling a single a HIT and the Single actually being a HIT . There are quite many analogies, myths and wild theories on this subject of ‘A HIT SONG’. Those who turn to listen to music often  have adopted a vain culture; and it is such that when an artiste drops a new music material, we’re too quick to adjudge it as a HIT. We hear them every day. We sing them in the shower and whistle them at work. We surf the car radio hoping to hear our favorites. We’re amazed at how quickly they can turn ‘nobodies’ into celebrities. What are these magic musical marvels? They are HIT SONGS

Already,  many artists turn to announce  ‘hit’ singles scheduled to drop pretty soon. Just as expected, the die hard fans have labeled the posts with comments such as ‘This Song is a Hit’ ‘100% hit’ ‘over hit infact’ “Oboy na Hit be that OO” and some other vain comments likeso….

But on a more serious note, how can one tell that a song is a hit?

  • Is it because it was produced by Le Monstre,  Dijay Pazzo , I.V. O , Salatiel, Slimbeatz, Draeboi , Dijay Karl, Philbill , Akwandor ,A. N.G..etc  ?
  • Is it because the song was directed by Nkeng Stephens, Na Mr Adrenaline, Ns pictures, February 16th, Geraldrico?
  • Is it because the song featured Stanley, Jovi, Daphne, Mr Leo, Reniss, Tenor, Locko,…or any other artists making Buzz that will make it a Hit?

Well if my thinking senses are active and running i will have to  pause and think for some minutes before giving any answer. How then can someone tell the hit status of a song just by mere listening? How can someone tell a hit potential in a song that was just released today? I actually do predict sometimes,….but in a node shell its no guarantee that it will be one.

Anothe point to ponder about is , is there a  theory/formula that applies to this problem? Let’s say there is, what about the upcoming artistes with sounds that are relatively unfamiliar? Is theirs the same theory/formula that also applies with the top guns? Or will it be reviewed to suit their category standard? Perhaps  songwriters/artists/musicians should take a step back and strike a more professional perspective about our “product” — the songs they write and sing. If we were shoemakers, but we didn’t quite know what a shoe looked like or how to identify a “real shoe,” we probably wouldn’t be too successful in the Shoemaking Business. The same is true for us in the Business of Music. We must know exactly what a Hit is before we can write one or find one that will launch our careers.

One of the best ways I know to identify the ingredients of a Hit is simply to dissect it. If you want to know what makes a clock tick, take it apart. If you want to know what makes a Hit having millions, study the songs that are in heavy rotation on the radio/ TV. And don’t just study your favorite genre. Even if you don’t particularly like a certain style of music, there just might be something you could learn from a song that is selling millions of copies! Humble yourself. Open your mind. Listen not only as a listener, but as a professional. Learn what it is that makes a song work!

Hit songs are also essential for every aspiring vocalist/artist — especially those who do not write their own material! No matter how great a voice may be, it must be coupled with a Hit Song to launch the artist into the Music Galaxy. As an aspiring singer, you may think that if a song comes from a big label such as New Bell/ Motherland / Alpha Better records / Sonolive / Kreef Ent, Hope Music group, or a famous artist, it is bound to be a Hit, right? WRONG! .

No matter how a writer may be, not every song in their catalogs will be a Hit — and they know it. On the flip side of that scenario, however, if you are able to identify Hit material yourself, you may find gems in unexpected places — perhaps right under your nose in your own music community..in the streets or even an inspiration from a friend, family member. It’s up to you to know how to choose songs that fit you and have the potential to take you to the top. So to all those who specialize in music and entertainment show business, I oblige you to please share with us, any hints, signs or indicators that give insight to the revelation of this knowledge.

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