The newly crowned 25 year old Audrey Nabila Monkam, Miss Cameroon 2020’s official Facebook account for several weeks hasn’t been under beauty queen’s control.

Created for business and celebrity purposes in January 2020, followers and fans of Miss Cameroon 2020’s have witnessed unrelated content being published on her timeline.

If you paid attention to her page few weeks ago, you might have noticed some funny and strange videos being posted there daily, talking about animals, nature, technology and many others. This sudden change of content on the said page, obviously makes one conclude it was hacked. Below are screenshots of some of the videos uploaded by the hackers.

For a page of that dimension with more than 98000 followers, it’s certain that something was done for Miss Cameroon 2020 to regain full access to her page. Her page name has also been changed from “Miss Cameroun Officiel to “Miss Cameroun”

Recent publications prove that the beauty queen now has full control over her official Facebook page.

Was this a publicity stunt to draw more attention to her social media or she adds to the number of victims of hackers ? Fans question.