Since the beginning of the strike, many artiste have been coming out in their numbers to share their views about the barbaric acts carried out by the Cameroonian government to the people of southern Cameroon on their social media platforms and others in their songs released. Monday the 23rd of January 2017 registered one of the most successful Ghost towns in Cameroon history. The success of an  artiste Career is largely dependent on his fanbase, music fans and concerned citizens of Southern Cameroon go super bitter on Mr Leo, Salatiel and Askia who have taken upon themselves to organise a concert/show on the 4th of february with Mr Leo and Askia snubbing  the Anglophone crises in both music and their social media. In a post made by Popular Facebook Blogger Maybelle Boma she screams bitterly “REALLY??? Your brothers are being killed, your sisters are being raped, your fathers are being jailed and all you know how to do is to promote your despicable cheap 1000frs cfa concert to celebrate 11 February. REALLY? Which youths are you celebrating?? Tufiakwa x 100000000. To be honest are they on youtube? Who are they? “.


Dear readers what do you think about popular figures playing the quiet mind game? please share your thoughts below and feel free to call out any other artiste who is quiet about the struggle in the comment section below.