Atingwa Ghislaine Meshi,  popularly known as Meshi is a Cameroonian Singer and songwriter who was born on  November 21st 1996 in Yaounde Cameroon by Mr Atingwa Paul Kan and Madam Dorothy Ngwe. Being born and raised in a polygamous home of 4 wifes and about 26 children she learned that being independent is the best option to be self made in life.
Meshi at an early age loved music and believed that through music she will become just almost everything she has always wanted to be. So by watching comedy, Musical films,documentaries ,and other music videos,she began to build her skills in music writing.she started learning how to write music on her own at the age of 13,started up by just writing poems and fitting the melody afterwards to writing  really good music lyrics
Apart from being an artist, Meshi is a student in the university of Bamenda and studies history and Archaeology in level 400(final year).

With Just being 21 years of age, The Young star  has registered enormous success in such a short time. Climbing the ladder of success at an impressive rate  with many speculationa what an asset she would be in a few years to come. Beautiful, tall, sexy, young and with a gorgeous voice  are some of the features that Zion Records saw in such a classic and Calm Damsel.

Even with all the success, that has been registered from her past singles, everything didnt move all smoothly as planned, just like in any other field Meshi at some point got discouraged because of the people around her who saw music as a waste of time in Cameroon, and also because she had to put school first. However that  didnt pull her down. The setbacks were rather a source of encouragement, she kept  on working hard and  writing songs. After  Completion of high school Meshi was able to write her first song for her brother who was getting married titled Marriage and did a demo record of it in 2015. After her debut single, she received a lot of positive review, and encouragement from fans and friends which motivated her to do another song titled Helep Me  same year. After she did this 2 songs she had pulled all  the necessary  attention from Many of  the Cameroonian industry stake holders,  Zion Records  was the Lucky one who decided to approach her in an attempt to sign the young and promising damsel. Meshi Signed a Recording Deal with  one of Cameroon’s Very Promising Record Labels and is also under the Management of  Zion Records,

Ever Since Meshi Signed to Zion Records, She has seen enormous Progress in her Career. An increase in her Fanbase, and also an impressive Consistency With her music releases. Each release has passed on a peculiar message in the minds of fans.  From Mr Mbere, Helep Me, Plans, and now the  Recently released MasterPiece Medecin.

Meshi’s already being touted by many as arguably  one of the “Best Female Singers in Cameroon”. Others say she’s just ticking time bomb that will blow up anytime soon. Whatever position she occupies on your Top Female singers list, one thing’s certain…Meshi is very talented! With that in mind, Endeavour to checkout her latest single Medecin.