More than 30 years ago ”We Are The World” was sang by more than 40 artists to raise awareness on the widespread of poverty and world famine. The common challenge across the world today is not just famine or poverty , but terrorism, bad governance , disease ,child labor , slavery, violence against women , civil wars just to name a few. Bonzyz in his lyrical wisdom , poetic strength and artistic mastery paints the picture and Richard Kings in his Divine, legendary and humanitarian voice cries out to individuals , leaders , and nations to find a way to heal the world. The clock is ticking, We are losing space and and time and above all we are losing people – families, friends , colleagues and citizens. Lets wise up and rise up, Find A Way . Download , enjoy and share with someone. Find a Way , in multiple languages , Lamso , Limbum and English and also with different moods and emotions is produced by Two of Cameroons greatest Music engineers legendary Nyambi Edwin @CFX Musica Cameroon and Area Killer also known as Kiloh. The track will be released to the public this Friday 26th of January

Bonzyz and Richard Kings met some months back came up with this unique piece of art. According to Richard Kings(not too much of a rap fan) , he found it unbelievable that he was recording on a Rap Beat. But then he said he was charmed by Bonzyz’s track, Kupshi ( The cultured most unique hip hop track and music video ever inspired, composed , recorded, produced and directed in Cameroon and featuring 9 Traditional rulers from Cameroon). He said he might not have understood everything in the song but it was great piece of art for everyone who loves or understands music. The session was one the simplest we have had in our travels and recording experience across Cameroon. It was a brief and professional studio session of two always inspired and ready to serve.

Wait for it….it will soon be here.




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