Stuck in The Middle is a podcast (SitMpodcast) created with the aim of bridging two worlds together. The  Platform was created as a medium for  innovators, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers, from all parts of the world in all spheres of profession to express themselves and inspire others through their success stories.

Hosted by AK  and Rapper/Co-Host Riflex the show has been going on for more than a year now and has had many of African greats from all works of life on the show. On their latest episode they had , Popular Dj Mukuku and Bosslife who spoke about a topic that has been going on for a while on social media “lack of support from the home based artists towards the artists in the Diaspora.

Bosslife and Dj Muluku did make it out clear that, when home based artists such as Locko, Mr Leo, Magasco, Daphne, Jovi  and Tzy Panchak and many others come to the united states of America for a tour or release new music, they always get maximum support from artists in the Diaspora . But unfortunately none of them do support those in the Diaspora, when they release new music?

Why is it so? Dj Muluku and Bosslife did frown at such an act and wish this gem consuming most home based cameroonian artists can change in this new year.

Do you agree with them? tell us what you think below.

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