Crystal Beauty and team are proud to announce the release of Crystal Beauty’s books, Manka meets a Mystery, Pieces of me, Heels firm, How to start a talk show, So long Chris, and Sing Freedom which are now available on amazon and at

Manka meets a Mystery is a compelling children’s book about being different and loving yourself.

Heels Firm is a motivational book that talks about how not to give up on your Dreams. Everyone dreams but not everyone gets to live it. Life throws up challenges from time to time that can derail the best of dreams and put an end to the most meticulous of plans. At times like this, you need all the strength and determination you can get to stay focused on achieving your goals. This book provides guides and tips on how to keep the ship of life moving even in the middle of great storms of life. Giving up is not an option and this book is your best companion when it is time to batten down and weather the storm.

So Long Chris are novels that talk about love, the lack of, betrayals and murder.

Sing Freedom: Brenda who has been shown immense grace by a lover she once stabbed in the stomach who later lied to save her and then marry her, while keeping the details of her deed away from the world. In marrying the woman who had once tried to kill him, Chris seemed to have found a way to get back at her, but this time with emotional and psychological methods.
This is the story of Brenda hoping to find meaning, redemption and escape from the clutches of grace that has now become hell.

You can purchase these books on amazon and they are all available in paperback format and also eBook formats. You can view all of them at Crystals author page which is

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Buy two books directly from Crystals website and get one book free. Crystal will autograph the books before mailing them to you. When you do order, please leave a comment and let Crystal know who to make the autographs to and if there is any special message you would like included. Also, let her know which of the books you would like or free.

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