Plaza Music presents to you Awu performing Sidomina Remix featuring Stanley Enow AKA The King Kong, released today 5th August 2018 on Youtube and Muzee. After the release of his hit song Sidomina earlier this year, produced by Phil Beats and Adah Akenji who did his magic on the video, which was well received by fans all over the world, Awu invites Stanley to jump on the Remix. The vibes of Sidomina is yet die, reasons why it earned him the right to performed SIDOMINA in Douala, during the famous Davido’s 30 Billion World Tour.
Just to throw a little light about Awu, he is a Cameroonian- based singer was born on July 12, 1992. With a growing love for music he entered commercial music in 2012, after winning a stand out during the famous Carton Rouge inter-schools Competitions. He had an international collabo with the American Colby Jeffers that granted him open doors both internally and globally. He later on made hot bangers like IF I CAN in 2014 he did it as a theme for the Brazil world cup (though it never yielded the fruits he desired) He later on did MAKE SOME NOISE.
Finally in 2016, his opportunity arrived. He did a song alongside Gaelle Achiri OUR GAME, which was
done in support of the Women’s AWCON (African Women Cup of Nations) The song went viral and was
nominated as the theme song of the AWCON.
Signed under Plaza Entertainment, Awu seems to be getting started. The video of Sidomina remix is directed still by Adah Akenji in the beautiful City of Limbe. Premiered on Boom Tv, Canal 2 and other major Tv stations around the country, Sidomina will certainly hit deep in your music soul. Click on the link below to watch Sidomina remix.

Enjoy, download and leave a comment behind.