As a social media user/addict, the moment you upload that cute selfie of yours and after 10 hours, you can count only 6 reactions (6Likes)  on the post, you’ll be disappointed right? Guess what? Me too! It’s really annoying.. However, that’s not our topic for now. Although similar but this has got to do with YouTube views.

If an artistes keeps hitting a million views in just few months of his/her video release, then he/she must have a very strong fan base, a good number of active subscribers, powerful promotion and distribution platforms that push their art to the top. A very good example is Big Dreams biggest artiste LOCKO.

LOCKO’S ”Je serais la” video a few months ago mysteriously disappeared from YouTube. Rumours had it that, the singer and his team were trying to untie a few YouTube screws. Although, the team later came out with an official statement saying the singer’s YouTube account was hacked and only ”Je serais la” video deleted, some fans found this very hard to believe as they concluded it had something to do with buying YouTube views.

Considering the fact that Locko hits a million views in less than no time, other artistes will queue up to collabo with him, not only because he’s a huge talent but also because, they’ll want their videos to touch a million YouTube views as well. That’s why we’ve seen collaborations with Sergeo Polo, Mr. Leo (Supporté), Bounce (Stanley Enow)  to mention a few. Now!  Here’s the big question, why do these collaboration of the same Locko with other artistes taking almost a life time to hit up to 500.000 YouTube views? Bounce featuring Stanley Enow is at 520,000+ YouTube views with just 10 months gone. Are these views slow because Locko couldn’t show up in the video? However, Supporté ft Mr. Leo took a full year and some months to hit 4.500,000+ views. Can Locko fans explain to us? Why will Locko’s 35,000+ YouTube subscribers and followers watch his video on his channel 1000,000+ times in less than 3 months but take a decade to watch the music videos of other artistes who featured him or called him for a collabo? “In Big G Baba’s voice”
“Something is really wrong somewhere!”

Believe me, for a Kamer song to reach 1 million views, it must be a HIT. We’ve seen it with the likes of Coller la petite, La Sauce, Calée and Hein Pere. It’s something we’ve seen before. It’s nothing new.

Take a YouTube tour on videos with Locko’s name. Notice the different views. Tell us what you think. Is the singer buying views ? Is he not?’ The comment section is all yours.

-Victor Kange