has come to stay in your hearts. As part of our commitment to always help you navigate through the difficulties of life, we are doing a 5.000.000 FCFA giveaway. Here is what you need to know about our mega giveaway and how you can stand a chance of being selected among the winners.

What is BonaShop?

BonaShop is an online marketplace offering you the best products, price and service information in the African market. Our well-organized catalog helps users find and select exactly what they are looking for.  The African market has more visibility and with a bright future ahead of us, businessmen will be able to tap into full potentials and generate more profit, growth and sales. makes it easy for businessmen to sell their goods and services. It gives them the opportunity to tap into a large audience of potential buyers(customer). When your product is seen by a potential buyer(customer), they can contact you (businessman) directly. All the financial transactions are solely between both parties.


BonaShop will be sharing its 10.000 FCFA BRONZE PLAN to the first 500 winners.

What is the BRONZE PLAN?

The BonaShop BRONZE PLAN gives our Users the advantage of selling 50 products on our website, including their contact, location, 50 keywords, 300 Mega Bite file storage and your profile. More to that you have the advantage of selling on the website for 1 year.


BonaShop Ad Plan


FREE                          BRONZE                          SILVER                          GOLD                          PLATINUM

CONTACT                 CONTACT                        CONTACT                     CONTACT                   CONTACT     

LOCATION                LOCATION                      LOCATION                    LOCATION                  LOCATION

5 PRODUCT              50 PRODUCT                  100 PRODUCT            300 PRODUCT            500 PRODUCT

5 KEYWORDS           50 KEYWORDS               100 KEYWORDS         300 KEYWORDS         500 KEYWORDS

25 PHOTO                250 PHOTO                     500 PHOTO                 1500 PHOTO              2500 PHOTO

                                   SOCIAL MEDIA               SOCIAL MEDIA           SOCIAL MEDIA           SOCIAL MEDIA

                                    PROFILE                          VERIFIED                     VERIFIED                     VERIFIED

                                                                             PROFILE                      PROFILE                       PROFILE       

                                                                                                                  WEBSITE LINK             WEBSITE LINK


1 MONTH                 1 YEAR                            1 YEAR                          1 YEAR                          1 YEAR

FREE                          10,000 FCFA                   30,000FCFA                 100,000FCFA               150,000FCFA



How do I win the giveaway?

Thank you for your interest in the 5.000.000 FCFA BonaShop BRONZE PLAN giveaway and thanks for taking your time to contest. Very easy to be among the winners.

  1. Follow Bona Media Group on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Follow all accounts Bona Media Group follows on Instagram.
  3. Tag 10 friends
  4. Comment ¨DONE¨ on  the post. Once you are verified, you will be given instructions to claim your prize.