In the entertainment industry of today, most music record labels can only boast of a virtual space. Wosoh Production And Arts PTY LTD, through her subsidiary ‘Wosoh Entertainment’; is here to make a difference. Wosoh Entertainment was created to give hope to less privileged African Youths by signing them to the label, developing their talents, produce their music, and finally market their contents to the world.

Katty Perry once said, “At my second record label, they told me and other female artists that some of us were going on the chopping block. I was 19… and it was devastating”

Record Labels make and break artists! Wosoh Entertainment as part of the legally registered Wosoh Production And Arts PTY LTD, has done her homework, and with every optimism; is ready, willing and able shine the spotlight on any aspiring artist and established musician.

Wosoh Entertainment, under the auspices of the mother company ‘Wosoh Production And Arts PTY LTD’, will be able to guide and put her signed artists through with the following:

  • Talent development.
  • Music publishing.
  • Copy right enforcement.
  • Promotion & Marketing.

More About Wosoh Productions & Arts:

Wosoh production and arts is a legally registered entity headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a non-profit Organisation, Wosoh Production and subsidiary companies mission could be expressed in a single line, “giving hope and opportunities to the less privileged”.

Wosoh entertainment scouts for Talents, mould them and expose them. On the 1st of January, 2019, the company will be officially launched.


The Prime objective of Wosoh Production is to commence a faction aiming to be a unified platform through which the mission of aiding the less privileged be successful.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook Page: @Wosoh production and arts

Twitter: @Wosoh_entertainment

Instagram: @Wosoh_entertainment