BCWTI is not just a sound. The industry is not just musical. Pay attention to what we propose to you to succeed.
Krys Kofi presents his new single “Be Careful With This Industry” (#BCWTI) available this Friday, June 07, 2019 on his YouTube channel (Lyrics video) and in the coming days on the legal distribution platforms. Nearly two years after the release of his latest single “My Luv Is Real” and after some collaborations on projects featuring or as a producer, the independent rapper Krys Kofi returns to the front of the stage and intends to mark the year 2019 of its mark with this new title.

In BCWTIKrys plunges us into the dark side of the music industry, where artists are subjected to unhealthy and evil conditions to succeed. In a world where mere talent is not enough, many people are desperate to get by. The sound is also a call to young people to beware of appearances, often misleading. The artist spreads her storytelling with a flow mid tempo sung on a prod of her longtime beatmaker Nurfs (Djembe).

BCWTI is only the first in a long series of upcoming titles for the artist this year.

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