Just  a day after the release of Mic Monsta’s Ep, a lot of Reviews and rections are already wildly spread online. The one that caught my attention is the Review by Cameroonian Rapper & producer Tino Foy who  happens to be signed to his own label called arTchitect.  Here is what he had to say about Mic’s piece of art.

“” Read Mic Monsta’s Ep Review (POISE rating system)  By Tino Foy .

1. When I Blow

(Production: 10, Lyrics: 10, Flow: 10, Message/Memorability: 10, Relativity: 10)

– When I blow is definitely going to live on to become on of Mic’s classics. An emotion packed tracked with a perfect union between a beat and an MC. Mic seems to be more comfortable on this beat being able to interlace his punchline (bullet-point) rap style with more drops and staccato. Beatballer definitely does a great job with the intricacy of the production. This is my personal Favorite.

Total Points: 50/50

2. Amani

(Production: 5, Lyrics: 10, Flow: 5, Message/Memorability: 9, Relativity: 6)

-Amani is basically punchlines on the wrong beat. Meanwhile the beat is great, it has more of a soundtrack feel; something that will be used to score a documentary or movie.

Total Points: 27/50

3. Correct Boi

(Production:5, Lyrics: 6, Flow: 7, Message/Memorability: 2, Relativity: 4)

-I might be a little bias on this track because of the respect I have for both Mic and Deecy and I am a little disappointed that this is all what a collaboration between them could produce. The track also has none of mic punch lines we have become accustomed to that make you go ‘wouhhh’ and kind of sounds like a throwback to 2006.

Total Points: 24/50

4. Freedom Of Speech

(Production: 7, Lyrics: 5, Flow: 5, Message/Memorability: 5, Relativity: 5)

– The production is regular good; in line with what is pop these days. I feel like this is one of those tracks that Mic personally hated doing but had to succumb to label pressure. The hook definitely raises the track from what could have gotten a memorability of 2. Ladies tell me if I’m wrong, if you like it more than I expect you to.

Total Points: 27/50

5. Fear is too old to be featured on this EP so I wont be rating this track and the overall score will not consider it.

Total Points: -/50

6. House Party

(Production: 8, Lyrics: 8, Flow: 6, Message/Memorability: 7, Relativity: 7)

-The beat is definitely hot and I personally love the transition to trap but the flow on the trap part of the song kind of makes the song go to sleep. He could have been more creative on the switch. I definitely see this one getting the club banging especially if the DJ knows how to spin it and play with tempos and effects.

Total Points: 36/50

7. Time
(Production: 8, Lyrics: 7, Flow: 7, Message/Memorability: 9, Relativity: 8)

– Just like ‘When I blow’ Mic seems to be more comfortable of naturally designed for our Hip Hop Tracks. The tone of his voice feels well placed. The hook is simple and will make you remember this song.

Total Points: 39/50


P.S I will be revealing what the POISE rating system is all about sometime before the end of this year. “”


That’s the review put together by Tino,  Do you agree with his rating? Kindly share your thoughts  with me below. Incase you haven’t listened to it yet here is your chance to.