To celebrate its third edition, The Returnees Project Inc. launched an international song writing
music contest, whereby contestants have a chance to win 200.000CFA and a golden opportunity
to have the winning video shoot sponsored by The Returnees Project Inc. and directed by the
iconic video director Dr. Nkeng Stephens!

The 1st ever Returnees Global Song Contest in collaboration with the “#HoldHandsMovement”
wrapped on March 31“, 2018 ! Following the official press release of March 1St 2018;
and subsequently updated on March 12th 2018, the global contest ran for a month and saw with
it hundreds of emails and multiple scores of songs submitted! Through the month of April, the
public had the chance to listen to and interact with the 21 pre-selected contestants’ tracks

Below are The TOP 10 finalists of The Returnees Global Song Contest (RGSC) 2018 :

RGSC0507 MX, RGSC0527 Dyonce, RGSC0509 Freedom, RGSC0511 HL Crew, RGSC0524 Lekomi,
RGSC0517 Claudia Manka, RGSC0512 Dragi For Life, RGSC0526 Priins, RGSC0508 Joahn Lover
and RGSC0510 Zee Toonice! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! Tracks on:

The final winning song will be the official soundtrack of The Returnees Project Legacy, and will be
used on all media promotions around the world and as the official dance tune of the prestigious
Returnees Conference and Awards ceremony on Friday, December 14th, 2018 in Cameroon!

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Listen to the Top 10 Below.