Just like in football, no matter the minute of the encounter, one pass can change the game, a single change by the team manager can change the mentality of the opposite side. In Kamer music, we have witnessed a few changes in the careers of many artists with just one song. From the likes of Jovi LeMonstre with Don 4 Kwat and Stanley Enow with Hein Pere, we have witnessed so many young artists break their way with just one song. 237showbiz brings to you a count down on the TOP 5 artists who blew after  their first  hit.

5. Locko – Margo
Locko broke into the music scene with his first hit song Margo. Mixture of Duala, French, English Language. The Big Dreams international artist caught the heart of mostly the ladies with his looks, voice and delivery. Since then, the ”Sawa Romancer” has been on his grind. He also has others hits to his name like Sawa Romance, Thank You Lord and a few collabos in his closet with big names like Stanley Enow and Mr Leo. With Afrimma nominations, Canal D’or awards under his name, we can all accept that he is making a name for himself and for Cameroon.

4. Salatiel – Fap Kolo
Alpha Beta Records boss Salatiel Livenja made his way into the scene when he teamed up with his sign artist Mr Leo on the track Fap Kolo (Five Thousand ). This piece of music portrays how Cameroonians are money minded and how they can’t do things for free. The song boosted the boss to higher heights. Since then, he has been on fire and doesn’t seem to be relenting his efforts.

3. Mr Leo – E Go Better
The pace, the lyrics, the video all put together makes this song the keys that opened the doors and paved the way for Mr. Leo. For real, he was right when he kept saying “E Go Better”. No one can deny today that things aren’t better for the Alpha Beta superstar. Mr Leo has gained fans worldwide, collaborated with a few international artists although some songs aren’t released yet. Not long ago, he just dropped his recent song titled Partout thanking all his fans.

2. Jovi – Don 4 Kwat
Let us start with the video, picture quality is not the very best, maybe because it was released many years back, but this was the song that took the Mboko God to the throne of Mboko Heaven. Bringing in a new style no one had ever seen before, it was obvious this piece of art would elevate Kamer’s Don 4 Kwat. A blend of Pidgin English, French and English language placed the song on the very top of the playlist of many Cameroonian music lovers

1. Stanley Enow – Hein Pere
You might hate Stanley, you might love him, but this song brought up an MTV Award for Best International Act at the 2014 MTV music awards in South Africa. That’s not something you joke with when you hit this big with your very first official song. With the video shot by the very best Shamak, mixture of French, Pidgin English and English. The Bayangi boy broke boundaries with his Hein Pere track.

Victor Kange