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[Stanley Enow ft Jovi/Maahlox , Jovi ft mic monsta , Daphne ft Gasha,  Reniss ft Blanche Bailly,  Mani Bella ft Coco Argentee, Mr Leo ft  Tzy Panchak , Magasco ft Pascal, Ko-C ft Boy Tag, Kikoh ft Tenor,  Maahlox ft Tenor, Franko ft Askia, Locko ft Tenor, Crispy ft skidi Boy….etc and the list goes on  ]

You can’t tell me with these imaginary collaborations you don’t have an idea of what these songs already sound? Collabo, something produced by two or more people working together, especially a piece of music; a collaboration. Creating sounds and making hits together is a wonderful thing as it brings new ideas, makes the industry grow and most importantly new fans gained for everyone involve.

This is not the case of most Camer artistes as some find it very difficult to work with others. They maybe feel too big or already established, then tend to charge very high on the upcoming artistes who can’t even afford a studio session. Yes! Collabos aren’t free, but atleast be moderate and place a reasonable fee. Most Producers and video directors tend to charge very high on record session, beats and video shootings whereas they can do all these 2 times lesser.

Well, you don’t expect the Salatiels, Jovis and Stanley Enows to jump on any track because you think a collabo with them will make the industry grow or the song will definitely be a hit. Sometimes, the songs proposed by these upcoming artistes isn’t the best yet they skip fellow upcoming artistes and aim for the greats. Notwithstanding the upcoming artistes don’t need to relent their effort.

With an article about collabos in Cameroon music, you don’t expect me to leave out the point on Envy, Hate and Jealousy. The bitter truth that must be voiced out. It’s no news New Bell Music boss Jovi LeMonstre took to twitter many weeks back and said he’ll never do a collaboration with Motherland front man Stanley Enow or any artiste like him, reasons of him being wack and fake. This was open hate from the Mbokogod and many fans didn’t welcome this approach.

It’s now obvious that the artistes themselves wish to work more with other artistes than their fans ever imagine. Some artistes just need to humble themselves and ask for collabos. Just like how with a simple Facebook comment, Strange Kings rapper Pascal Yung king had a chance to jump on one of Alpha Beta Record’s songs.

A piece of advice for the upcoming artistes. Hey guys, start by doing as many covers of the already established artistes. By this means your voices could be heard, not only by the main artistes but also your fellow upcoming artistes. Upcoming artistes should picture collabos like a showbiz event or concert where you have different audience tables, Regular, VIP, VVIP and Table for 10. With your CFA2000 in your wallet, nobody will tell you where to sit yourself.  What do you have to say about this? kindly Share your thoughts below.

Victor Kange