“Beef  Beef  Beef” We all love the “juice” that comes with it right? But what is “beef” in the field of entertainment?

Two artistes throwing shade and insults at each other using any necessary medium? Oh Well!

Everyone loves a beefing industry, be it a hater or a lover of music, number 1 fan or those who don’t even care about the artistes but their songs. Some just get entertained by the rifts and feuds on social media or bars aimed at another entertainer in a well produced track. The big question is, how does this help a growing industry. Does it help the artistes involve of Exposure, Fame, Fans, Subscriptions or Revenue? What have the ASKIAS and TILLAS gained since they began throwing lame social media punches ate each other? Everyone has the right to call themselves KING or QUEEN in their songs, its left for the music, work and fans to decide truly who deserves the throne.

On the other hand, fans of our beloved Camer music industry might want to agree that “beefs” are very necessary for a growing industry because the fellow artistes involved tend to know their place in the industry as time goes by. Hence they mind the kind of bars and phrases they use. Others are made to work harder for a comeback in most cases which are never realized.

Camer’s most followed beef was that between Jovi and Stanley Enow. Well if you ask me, I’ll say they stopped fighting, the rift now is in the hands of the fans. Then the #ASKILLA brouhaha, fighting over the Camer female rap throne. Other interesting “beef” were those of Salatiel and Martin Enow, Jovi and Martin Enow, Tilla and Jovi. 

All the abovementioned feuds gave us “diabetes” in 2017, but what did the industry gain? What did the fans gain? What did the artistes themselves gain? NOTHING! In the words of Blueprint Hakeem inspired by M.I Abaga # FixUpYourLives

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-Victor Kange