When it comes to female rap in Cameroon, its either the fans go for Tilla Tafari or Askia Karin. Others can later come up like Dyonce, Inna Money, Nanova and Mihney just to name a few. The big question is, who is the Rap Queen, the Rap Goddess? If we should classify this based on the level of work, credit goes to the barracks of the Tilla Army, but if we should go to the bars and style of female rap, the all the hairstyles of that year will be “Mami Bakala”.

On behalf of our loyal followers, the team and the promotion power house www.237showbiz.com we have declared the female rap throne throne vacant as one of these girls need to go as far as the famous “evil forest” to bring us the heat from those bars if that’s what it will take. To many, ASKIA and Tilla have been a disappointment as all they do is throw light punches of shade on social media instead of putting it in bars and serving us good rap music.

However, we think we’ve seen enough of the child’s play from the two Rap Queens and will like to see more on their lyrics and actions. Till then, Camer’s Rap King is still SINGLE.

Tell us what you think. Does any one of them deserve the Rap Throne judging from their recent work and actions? The comment section is all yours.

-Victor Kange