Hello 237Showbees! Happy New Month again. If you are just liking our page or getting to know our blog, we often drop this segment every month. The main idea and humour behind this segment is the fact that, every month, we pick out flops performed by our Cameroonian artistes and crown it as the Ndem Of The Month.

In the moth of august, the unfortunate artiste who ‘’Ndemed’’ and was caught in the act is no other person than Motherland King Kong Stanley Enow.
During his trip in the United States of America, Stanley Enow posted a short video of him walking to an escalade and waving to ‘’empty air’’.

This is the biggest Ndem by any celebrity. The virtual fans are not seen, there’s not a single sound of fans screaming. To crown Stanley as the Ndem Of The Month of August, take a look at the vehicle towards the end of the video, you will notice there were only two black guys behind the camera.
Watch the video below.

Do you think Stanley Enow deserves the Ndem Of The Month of August? If he doesn’t, drop who you think ‘’Ndemed’’ more than the Casanova crooner.

Victor Kange